We strive to create an environment that is mindful of individuality, as well as developing skills required for formal learning. Children are secure in a well-structured, nurturing and loving environment.


We believe our children should feel loved in order to acquire a thirst for knowledge and a love of learnings.

We strive to create an environment that is conducive to kindness, happiness and tolerance.

Our children are guided to become independent thinkers who make responsible choices.


Our programme is structured to include the four main areas of a child’s development: physical, emotional, intellectual and social.

Our children are given opportunities to learn through exploration and discovery.

They are guided in different daily activities by their caring and experienced teachers.

We believe that every child is an individual who develops at their own rate, and in different ways.

Meet Our People

Our educators are all fully qualified teachers, holding degrees or diplomas in education, and are registered with SACE. All our staff have CPR and Fire Fighters certificates.

Jean Botha

Grade 0 Penguins Teacher

Diploma in Education
(Junior Primary)

Dezalee Walter

Personal Assistant to Principal

Janine Hoffman

Grade 0 Bilingual Seeperdjies Teacher


Aunty Florence

Seeperdjies Assistant Teacher


Louise Els

Grade R Whales Teacher


Sharon van der Merwe

Grade R English and Afrikaans

B.Prim.Ed (Junior Primary)

Aunty Priscilla

Tea Lady and Helping Hand

Aunty Limi

Jellyfish Assistant

Aunty Athi

Whales/Dolfyne Assistant

Aunty Princess

Penguins Assistant